Driven to Distraction


Driven to Distraction

PA Traffic Injury Prevention Project Audio/Visual Library

  • Quick Overview: Loaned for 10 days – Limit 1 per order

LOAN LENDING POLICIES: The PA TIPP audio/visual library is a free lending library available to child care providers, health care professionals, teachers and community organizations within the state of Pennsylvania.  The loan period is ten (10) working days.  The only cost to you is postage to return the video to our office.  The video will be sent to you by UPS from our office with an information sheet stating the value of the material, the date it should be returned to us and the return procedure to follow.

We ask that you return the video(s) to our office by UPS, Federal Express, USPS Priority, or some form of insured, guaranteed/traceable mail.  This will protect the material for other users in case the video is lost or damaged.  You will still be billed for any lost video material that is untraceable and uninsured.

Special arrangements can be made with our office if you would like to schedule the videos for specific dates or timing beyond 10 days.

The video features two fictional drama short stories to show how an instant of distraction can cause a crash.  Looking away for a second plus the time it takes to refocus and recognize what’s happening can take a car about 300 feet at highway speed or the length of an entire football field.  Many drivers are overconfident about their ability to multi-task beyond the many tasks required for driving.  The video discusses all the types of distractions. It also makes the point that multiple distracted drivers on the same roadway are a recipe for disaster.  (DVD – 15 minutes)

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