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Car Seat Guidelines for Families

As children grow, how they are secured in your vehicle will change based on their age, weight, height and developmental needs. The following guide will help you choose the correct child restraint for each stage of your child’s growth and development. It is imperative that families do not skip a step for the optimal safety of their child. +READ MORE

Keep Everyone Safe in the Vehicle – Safe Families Always Buckle Up

It’s important that the driver and all passengers are correctly buckled up when traveling. Here are some tips to make sure everyone is properly secured…Every Trip, Every Time. +READ MORE

Buckling Up is the Best Defense in a Crash!

Children who are correctly buckled in a car seat, booster seat, or seat belt benefit from the single most effective way to protect motor vehicle occupants and reduce fatalities in a crash. +READ MORE

Car Seat Cleaning Tips

Allow Time for Cleaning the Car Seat: Proper cleaning takes time.  Allow time for the car seat padding, buckle and all the cleaned parts to fully dry.  Air drying may take several hours or even a day.  Make other arrangements for children who need to be transported during this time.  +READ MORE

Summary of Pennsylvania’s Child Passenger Occupant Protection Laws

All drivers operating a passenger car, Class I and Class II truck, classic motor vehicle, antique motor vehicle or motor home shall securely fasten infants and children under 8 years of age in an approved child restraint/booster when the child is riding anywhere in the motor vehicle, including the cargo area. The car seat / booster seat may be in any seating position in the vehicle that is equipped with a seat belt. +READ MORE

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