Pediatrician Spring 2024 Flyer


The March 2024 Pediatrician quarterly flyer includes:

Page 1

  • Bicycle Helmet
    • The Right Fit
    • Follow these steps to correctly fit a bicycle helmet:
      1. Measure your head to find the right size.
      2. Position the bicycle helmet correctly.
      3. Adjust the side straps.
      4. Buckle placement.
      5. Secure the child strap.

Page 2

  • Bicycle Safety
    • Ready to Ride
    • Follow these steps for safety when riding a bicycle:
      1. Choose a bicycle that fits the rider.
      2. Adjust the bicycle to fit the rider.
      3. Check the bicycle before every ride.
      4. Be Safe and Be Seen
      5. Rules of the Road

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