Safe Driving Guide for Teens & Parents


A new interactive mobile app for teens & parents to utilize the Teen & Parent driving agreement and the junior driver lesson log.

 In the last year, the PA Traffic Injury Prevention Project has created and distributed the "Safe Driving Guide for Teens & Parents" folders to pediatricians across the state to distribute to teens & parents when they visit for their physical before they can recieve their driving permit.

 Two integral parts of this packet, the driving log & the Teen/Parent driving agreement, are now accessible through our website.


Driving Log

By creating a profile, teens and parents can track and save their progress through the multiple lessons recommended by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to fulfill the requirements of their junior permit and prepare them to drive on Pennsylvania's roadways.


Teen & Parent Agreement

Also accessible by creating an account is an interactive Teen & Parent driving agreement. This agreement can be tailored to fit the specific rules set up by parents as well as the compromises made with the teen concerning privledges, restrictions and consequences for breaking the agreement. This agreement can then be saved in the user's profile for future reference.

Click here to access the interactactive Safe Driving Guide for Teens & Parents 



The folder in its entirety can also be downloaded below in three files: